Features of Truck Turntable Revit Families

Features of Truck Turntables

Our goal was to create Revit families for our truck turntables. But with little knowledge of the BIM world we fumbled around, that is until the team at Elenberg Fraser suggested we meet with a content creator. The creator gave us a crash course in BIM and we soon became excited about how Revit content for our turntable range would be valuable, both for us and for our clients.

ATC worked collaboratively with the team to generate highly intuitive, parametric and data-rich Revit families that features truck turntables and provide significant benefit to architects, engineers and contractors at various stages of the project design and construction process. If you are going to download our Revit families, the following is a snapshot of what you can expect to find:

Decide Whether a Turntable Will Benefit Your Project

The features of truck turntables are, in addition to our entire truck turntable range, supplying a range of truck models, allowing you to pick the largest truck that your project is required to accommodate. This feature is such a simple process; on any project you can compare the amount of space that can be gained by including a turntable, and if there is no benefit then it can simply be removed.

Select the Right Turntable Diameter 

Place the truck on a turntable and a dotted line will automatically show the rotation zone with a dimension. You can then change the turntable diameter to see if the rotation diameter increases or reduces. From this information, you can select the turntable diameter that requires the least amount of space to rotate the vehicle. For projects with busy loading docks you can place more than one truck on the turntable at a time.

Establish Control Panels and Imposed Loads

The turntable control panel is included along with conduits running to the turntable motor pit. The control panel can be dragged to the desired wall and the conduits will automatically extend as required. For structural and hydraulic engineers we have included the zones where the imposed loads are concentrated into the slab. This also shows where drainage can be located within the turntable pit without clashing.

Work Out Your Set Down Requirements

During construction – and particularly when our turntables are installed within suspended slabs – we require an oversized set down to install the turntable. The profile of the oversized set down can be critical when columns or walls are located near the turntable. Included in the Revit models are the minimum set down requirements giving us the room to install the turntable. There are options on profile shapes available which can be modified to suit specific project requirements.

For more technical detail on how the models are built – including visual detail on some of the above features – there is an instructional video and PDF provided in the download package. While the Revit models will save time and offer some of the knowledge we have gained over the years, we would always recommend giving Australian Turntables a call to discuss your project.

Australian Turntables’ truck turntable Revit families are available to download free from this website; alternatively, contact us direct and we can send you a link.