Loading Docks & Delivery Centres

Always enter and exit in forward direction. Reduce your loading dock footprint by up to 50%. Save space and use it for more valuable purposes.

Low profile turntables

Save space and use it to create extra retail space. Eliminate reversing maneuvers on site and within public space. Improve safety for the public and employees. Improve traffic management design. Reduce risk to the public and your organisation. Low profile turntables at 250mm, suitable for suspended slab installations.

rotate more than one vehicle at a time

Australian Turntables have a range of truck turntables that rotate around a column, minimising spans and transfer beam depths. Australian Turntables provide redundancy as standard with all risk scenarios addressed. Our loading dock turntables can safely accommodate and rotate more than one vehicle at a time. Australian Turntables can work with you on risk assessments and meeting safety standards. Eliminate noise pollution from reversing beepers. Reduce cost per pallet by accepting the largest truck possible into your development.

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What our customers are saying

We work with industries requiring fine architectural detail to heavy industrial projects in destructive environments.

Australian Turntables are proud of their product and we have been impressed by the way they conduct business and carried out for our company, with five installations I have been involved with them on. They are extremely passionate about their customer service, quality assurance, embrace solutions and are flexible when it comes to difficult situations. 

We have found them to be very helpful when there is a need to satisfy local statutory authority requirements that need to be addressed and they are always looking to develop their product to meet the needs of the regulatory bodies. 

Not only have the turntables increased efficiencies in our dock areas, but they have also assisted us in overcoming rigorous D.A. conditions and their company has wanted to partner with Coles to help solve ongoing logistical issues at store level. 

With the above in mind, I believe the company should hold their heads up high as a proud Australian Manufacturer and installation company and wish them every success in their future endeavours. 

Peter Mitchell

Senior Project Manager - NSW & QLD

Australian Turntables has been on Coles’ approved supplier list for many years, and with their help we have developed a detailed specification that has become a reference for developers and builders on complex mixed-use projects.

Dealing with Australian Turntables, taught me that the product is more than just a turntable, but rather it is a whole package of durability, craftsmanship, and details. The proposed solutions by Australian Turntables, from sensors, monitors, cameras, and traffic lights, have been integrated in the plan of management of a complex loading dock usage, that will cater for Big Coles supermarket and Liquorland, speciality retail shops, public library, and three residential towers.

I am very confident to nominate and recommend Australian Turntable for any project, as I know they will deliver with high integrity, and professionalism.

Alan Mhanna

Design Development Manager – NSW / ACT

Australian Turntables provided a solution to facilitate the safe and efficient rotations of heavy vehicles in the car parks at the Sugardock Apartments in Jackson’s Landing, NSW. The carpark has limited space which prevents large vehicles from performing three-point turns.

Australian Turntables delivered a solution that met our needs, and I was even more impressed by the installation of the electronic sensor system as a safety initiative, which mitigates the risk of vehicles colliding with the adjacent building and people.

The turntables provided a much needed solution by helping facilitate garbage and removalist trucks in limited space where three-point turns weren’t impossible. They also made life easier and safer for workers and residents alike.

I would not hesitate to recommend Australian Turntables for both installations and relocatable turntables.

Shane Bleyer

Site Engineer

We are architects and we do a lot of work in the retail space, especially with ALDI Australia. We have used Australian Turntables in two of our projects, both specifically for ALDI’s truck deliveries.

We have found the company to be exceptionally proactive during the design stage, professional and efficient during installation. All their programming requirements were met within a tight construction program. In addition, the service and support after installation has been thorough and extensive. 

I am happy to recommend Australian Turntables based on my experience with them over four years and we intend to use them again when future opportunities arise.

Michael Worrad

Principal     BArch GradDipDesSc (FM) RAIA

We simply could not afford to have breakdowns or downtime in this industry. 

We decided to proceed with Australian Turntables based on their previous experience and testimonials. Upon the successful completion of the first installation we had no hesitation to award them further work and nominate Australian Turntables as our preferred turntable supplier. They provided excellent after sales service and support post installation, including maintenance. Turntables have impressively been in continual operation without any breakdown issues or downtime. 

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Australian Turntables as a reputable, professional, and trustworthy company for anyone who has turntable requirements.

Tony Jabbour   

Development Manager

Our clients

We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.