Service & Maintenance

Servicing is an important aspect to maintaining your turntable, as one of the heaviest working machines in your home or business. Regular servicing improves the operation of your turntable.


With the most reliable and robust product on the market, service recommendations are low yet still necessary. If you need reliability then contact Australian Turntable Service team. Wherever a turntable is installed we can support it. With our engineering expertise Australian Turntables is able to provide a fix no matter your turntable problem, type, brand or age. Our turntables are built to last however do benefit from a check up from time to time, give us a call to keep your turntable in top shape. As with any machine a regular service can keep you running smoothly for years.

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Your turntable is a critical asset and we understand that downtime costs money. To get the best availability you need reliable experts, with a service agreement Australian Turntables can be ready when you need us. A service agreement with Australian Turntables means you are working with the right people for the job. With hundreds of truck turntables installed and a reputation for reliability we have a great product with the team to support it post installation.

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