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Australian Turntables turn your vehicles around safer and faster. Facing forward when operating a truck in tunnels will get the job done with less risk of collision. Ideal for tight locations and projects that don’t have much room.

Improve your fleets productivity

Our turntables are relocatable to fit your constantly changing program. Volumes of removal or delivery materials increased per shift to speed up your schedule. Improve your fleets productivity and daily workload. Low profile, modular design turntables to suit any application on site.

turnkey service with inhouse engineering

Customised, turnkey solutions available to help you solve any site specific issues. Our experience on tunnel projects ensures you get a product that can handle the job even in tough conditions

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We work with industries requiring fine architectural detail to heavy industrial projects in destructive environments.

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Australian Turntables were easy to deal with and negotiations were done in a very timely manner. Having the turntables installed for the first time went very smoothly and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Dave Wait was very accommodating and understood our site needs. He took the initiative to attend the site prior to commencing installation to understand the requirements. This was followed by deliveries to site and ensuring the turntable was lifted down the shaft in the correct arrangement.

Having Dave around during the build was highly beneficial and I can confidently say that the build would have taken longer if he wasn’t here.

He definitely showed his experience there. We never needed Dave to attend the site for any maintenance but on one occasion where we couldn’t get the turntable turning, Dave was extremely helpful over the phone. He also offered to attend the site (at 9PM) which showed how reliable he and Australian Turntables can be.  

Thank you 

Adrian Sankar

Site Mechanical Engineer

John Holland CPB Ghella JV

Sydney Metro City& Southwest
Pitt Street Site
175 Castlereagh Street NSW, 2000
E adrian.sankar@sydneymetro2.com.au
M 0439 571 143 or 0415 883 977

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Thiess John Holland Constructions are the builders of the Brisbane Airport Link Tunnel. In 2010, operations management was experiencing unsustainable delays and OH&S problems during the concrete pour stages inside the Airport Link Tunnel. 

Reversing of vehicles was extremely difficult for the drivers and multiple turns created bottlenecks inside the tunnel. Simultaneously, because of the difficulty in reversing and turning of the 40 tonne trucks, management was also confronted with the problem of overcoming dangerous collisions with other plant and equipment inside the tunnel and cavern areas whilst the trucks were turning or reversing.

The Australian Turntable Company was contacted, their relocatable truck turntable solution has reduced pour times by 100%, increased our daily pour lengths similarly, and eliminated serious OH&S problems we were experiencing on site daily.

I have great pleasure in recommending the use of the relocatable turntables on building sites, and the professionalism and support of the Australian Turntable Company.  I will not hesitate to include the utilization of this wonderful building site technology for future projects.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Handl,
SPE CRCP Manager

Thiess John Holland

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We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.