Medium Truck Turntable

Our medium truck turntable range is used in a variety of developments, accepting up to 8.8 metre rigid trucks.

Save space and resources

They are the perfect solution for buildings in any industry that is required to accept delivery vehicles or garbage collection trucks, reducing the loading dock space by up to 50%. This saved space can be used for purposes that are more useful, or provide a greater financial return.

Custom medium truck turntable solutions

As with all projects, ATC is focused on the return of investment and we can help you realise the financial rewards that are available. It is now common for councils to require vehicles – including trucks – to enter and exit in a forward direction. Trucks reversing across footpaths and onto a road is dangerous and disruptive to traffic. Using a turntable not only complies with regulation, it uses the least amount of space to do so.

ATC has designed and engineered our medium truck turntable range to be installed in suspended slabs with a setdown of 250mm: this model gives you the benefits without greatly impacting the levels below. ATC has specialised in rotational movement since 1987; the knowledge we have gained over this time delivers reliability that lasts for decades. Our medium truck range is built to suit your development.

Simplify your traffic management

Australian turntables have units available at any diameter to meet your specific needs. Simplify your traffic management and construction management plans to assist your application while also improving public safety and reducing congestion impact to city traffic.

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Relocatable Turntables (Hiring)

Create efficiencies on your current project or next project. For most large projects using a turntable will save your total project costs.

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We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.