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Australian Turntables are suitable for all types of construction, specializing in Demolition, Excavation, Concrete Pouring and Access to difficult sites.

eliminate reversing maneuvers

Reduce risk to your employees and subcontractors by eliminating reversing maneuvers. The growing number of local government councils and road authorities enforcing forward entry and exit to a construction site is best satisfied with a temporary turntable. One truck, two trucks or more can park and rotate for maximum efficiency


When demolishing a building, site access is often limited, a turntable is able to provide an access point for the demolition equipment to maneuver around the site.


The clearing of a site can often take months. The excavation of this material takes a co-ordinated approach with excavators and spoil drivers. Our Turntables are proven to improve efficiencies of getting vehicles on and off the site in a safer manner, including compliant to council regulations.

Concrete Pouring

When laying the foundation for your construction project, we can implement a truck turntable to keep the flow of concrete to where you need it. On a recent 57 storey high rise project our Turntable was attributed to saving 10% of the construction cost and shaved months off the total project time.

Simplify your traffic management

Australian turntables have units available at any diameter to meet your specific needs. Simplify your traffic management and construction management plans to assist your application while also improving public safety and reducing congestion impact to city traffic.

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Relocatable Turntables (Hiring)

Create efficiencies on your current project or next project. For most large projects using a turntable will save your total project costs.

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What our customers are saying

We work with industries requiring fine architectural detail to heavy industrial projects in destructive environments.

I have worked with Australian Turntables for over 3 years and can say with confidence that the products that have been supplied, installed and maintained have been of a superior standard. Productivity is key in our business and turntables provide an effective and time efficient solution.

Turntables have an obvious benefit in scenarios where either a turnaround bay is not possible or when forward entry and exit is required. They also reduce the need for traffic control officers and spotters in pedestrian and vehicle areas. The primary focus is always the safety features that are built into the units and reliability, and Australian Turntables stand out for having robust reliability and being safe and simple to use. For our business, they make workspaces easier to maintain and manage.

Furthermore, Australian Turntables offer and manage a full maintenance program from regular servicing to specific maintenance requirements. In addition, Australian Turntables are easy to deal with and have strong technical knowledge of turntables and have always provided assistance in the planning phase.

Michael Cartisano

Lend Lease Building Pty Ltd.

Australian Turntables are a professional company and have been a pleasure to work with from the beginning of the project. 

The turntable unit supplied has been extremely reliable and a massive help on this job in the Sydney CBD - we couldn’t have carried out the works without it!

By using a turntable, the process on site is fast and efficient, and makes the site a safe environment to work in, with only two truck movements and all being in a forward direction. 

We look forward to using Australian Turntables on future Mainland Civil Projects.

Tim Saviane 

Project Manager | Mainland Civil

Australian Turntables provided us with a hirable, portable turntable that was and installed to turn concrete agitator trucks around in a two lane TBM tunnel.

With the turntable, vehicles no longer need to carry out a multi-point turn and are able to enter and exit in a forward direction. The turntable improved safety and reduced risk as there were fewer reversing vehicles.

Previously, turning vehicles has led to traffic jams, and a number of vehicles have struck scaffolds. The turntable system allowed our site to avoid reversing in tunnels, traffic jams and scaffold collisions. 

In addition, we were able to achieve the best to date concrete pour length by using the turntable for concrete delivery. This helped with efficiency and reducing the turning time as vehicles could be moved directly through the caverns

David Hake

Area Manager – Eastern

Our interactions with the team at Australian Turntables were fantastic from the start. As we had limited space and wanted to do a lot within it, ATT developed a plan for the use of the space that exceeded our expectations.  

The follow up support allowed for even more improvements in operation and safety of the turntable. The turntable improved efficiency in the limited space we had available for movements of concrete trucks, allowing pours to be completed in a timelier manner

The key benefit for us was the ability to have concrete placed within a timeframe that allowed us to work within the City of Yarra hours of work. The additional benefits were the follow-on effects - we did not need to apply for permits or to work excessive overtime to complete critical works.

If your site has limited access, where movements of site-related vehicles need to interact in a way that is more efficient and safer, I would recommend ATT and consider a turntable without hesitation.


Senior Site Manager, ICON Co, Victoria  

For our project, Australian Turntables installed two relocatable truck turntables for the Pitt St Station in Sydney’s CBD to assist with the excavation of material and concrete delivery during the station and tunnel build.  

Sydney Metro is Australia’s biggest public transport project and is currently being extended under Sydney Harbour through new underground city stations and beyond to the south west. By 2024, Sydney will have 31 metro railway stations and a 66km standalone metro railway system for Australia’s biggest city. The turntables removed the need for concrete and spoil trucks to reverse hundreds of metres through the tunnel (or perform multi point turns) which was a significant safety benefit as well as increasing truck cycles per shift.

Implementing a turntable increased the maximum deliveries from 10 (without a turntable) to 35 within a 12-hour shift. Impressively, using turntables equated to a 350% increase in productivity on a large pour and truck turnaround time, with times improving from 30 minutes to 3 minutes. Another benefit was that the turntables were also able to be relocated to improve site issues at another location. The value and financial return of all these benefits to the project team were much greater than the cost of the turntables.

Even though turntables were not included in the original budget or plan, the project team achieved a return not only in financial terms, but the turntables were a significant factor to the project team handing over well ahead of schedule.

John Holland, CPB, Ghella Joint Venture

Sydney Metro – Pitt St Station

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We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.