Truck Lorry turntables

ATC’s truck & lorry turntable range can benefit any development that receives heavy vehicles for delivery or collection purposes.

Reduce time queuing

Our standard range can accommodate any type of truck/lorry on the road, and our innovative approach to engineering means that we can even rotate multiple trucks/lorries at a time, in order to reduce queuing.

Safety is paramount, and ATC provides vehicle positioning and anti collision systems to reduce the risk of collision with people or property. An additional benefit of including these systems onsite is that clearance zones can be reduced to a minimum. Our low profile turntables can be installed within suspended slabs with minimal impact on head heights for lower floors.

Save time And Space

Our turntables make optimal use of space, so loading dock areas can be reduced by half.

This improves revenue because space can be utilised for more valuable purposes. Turntables allow vehicles to enter and exit in a forward direction, removing the need for reverse manoeuvres. Simplifying movement in restricted areas means that driver vision is vastly improved, reducing injuries and property damage.

Simplify your traffic management

Australian turntables have units available at any diameter to meet your specific needs. Simplify your traffic management and construction management plans to assist your application while also improving public safety and reducing congestion impact to city traffic.

Relocatable Turntables (Hiring)

Create efficiencies on your current project or next project. For most large projects using a turntable will save your total project costs.

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Our clients

We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.