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Any industry, any size, anywhere. With in-house engineering, design, manufacture, installation and service Australian Turntables deliver turnkey solutions for you. From intricate architectural detail to reliable heavy equipment, the Australian Turntable team are your expert partner. If you want to improve your safety, save some space and increase productivity, the Australian Turntables can meet your specific requirements.

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Made for you. Whatever the benefit or application may be Australian Turntables can make it for you. If you are looking for a quality company to deliver a quality turntable then try Australian Turntables. Australian Turntables have the experience to integrate a product within your project and make it seamless. Our expertise is working in challenging environments and making it happen.

What our customers are saying

We work with industries requiring fine architectural detail to heavy industrial projects in destructive environments.

We had the privilege of working with Australian Turntables to help create a world-class exhibition for our gallery. It was great to partner with a passionate local company who were professional to deal with – right down to the small details.

Australian Turntables helped us in putting on one of our major exhibitions - Maticesvki: Dark Wonderland, where objects were presented to illustrate the artist’s work and aesthetic.

We would like to thank Australian Turntables for their support and success on this project.

Karen Quinlan

Director - Bendigo Art Gallery

Bendigo Tech School collaborated with Australian Turntables to create our bespoke lifting exhibition turntable. The Australian Turntables design team listened carefully to our brief and delivered a quality project, working tirelessly to perfect the installation.

The turntable allows us to instantly create elevated seating or an exhibition display space. The beautifully crafted architectural feature was designed to complement the high-tech, flexible learning environment of the Tech School.

We highly endorse Australian Turntables for their innovative solutions and specialist expertise in this field.

Graeme Wiggins

Director, Bendigo Tech School

We worked with Australian Turntables to design and develop our Mould Stacking Turntable, which was designed for the specific tasks of high-speed moulding. For this project, all the known manual handling risks were considered.

Through effective design and manufacturing, manual handling has been eliminated with the implementation of the Mould Stacking Turntable. The handling equipment is efficient and safe with zero risks, and as a result, this system was submitted into the WorkSafe awards.

Thank you to Australian Turntables for providing a safe and practical solution.

Mark McNamara

Technical Manager – Keech Australia

I approached Australian Turntables about a problem, and the response from the beginning was extremely positive with a can-do attitude. AME Systems had a blocker in production with the processing of large volumes of the corrugated tube.

The answer was to spin the product container in unison with the processing machine. We worked together with ATT on a custom solution in a concept that quickly materialised into a purpose-built, one-off turntable that solved our problem.  The resulting ROI on the turntable system was impressive and, on top of being a great solution, reduced processing time by 75%.

The team at Australian Turntables was extremely easy to work with, knowledgeable, and delivered a custom solution. We couldn’t be happier with the product and would recommend Todd and his team at Australian Turntables to anyone.

Dean Pinniger

Operations Manager - AME Systems

Australian Turntables provided a professional service for the design, manufacture, and installation of a turntable for a high-security project in Melbourne’s CBD. The team worked with us to help better understand the concept and thought process of what it takes to have a fully operational system. The system worked from day one and provides comfort to the builder that the product is high-quality and effective.

The team at Australian Turntables also provided an engaging and detailed handover of the system, including a training session for the end-user. I highly recommend Australian Turntables and would use them again for future opportunities.

Charles Harris

Project Coordinator – Pro Build

Acton Peninsula Alliance commissioned Australian Turntables Company to design, build and install a large-scale rotational theatre auditorium for the National Museum of Australia.

The turntable required for the project represented an integral component of the entire complex. From the outset, Australian Turntables showed great professionalism and resolve in addressing the technical requirements for this unique, ambitious, and innovative space, which has been recognised as one of the vital spaces of the Museum since its installation in 1999.

As Museum Director, I place a great deal of credibility on the fact that the installation continues to operate effectively daily. I would not hesitate to recommend Australian Turntables for future projects.

Craddock Morton,

Director – National Museum of Australia

*photograph by George c

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We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.