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Hire a Truck Turntable


With Australian Turntables' hire model, you can wave goodbye to capital investment, maintenance management, and the hassle of storage between jobs – we take care of it all for you.

Improve safety for personnel and pedestrians

Increase your productivity per shift

Save space on your site without the capital outlay

Comply to council requirements with forward entry and exit.

Relocate to use in multiple sites

How does it work?

How much does it cost?

Model Diameter Indicative Weekly Hire Rate*
HTTR19 19 metre diameter $5,000 AUD
HTTR9 9 metre diameter $2,500 AUD

*Prices exclude mobilisation (installation) or demobilisation, as these costs are site-specific.

You can develop a ROI including this indicative pricing based on the following factors:

How does it affect your project if you can reduce the amount of space for truck movements on site ?

Save up to 50% in space

How does it affect your productivity if you can increase number of trucks per shift?

75% increase in productivity for truck cycles

What's the impact of improving safety by eliminating the reversing of vehicles on your site?

Simplify your traffic plan and reduce incidents & lost time

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