Double Car Turntable

Double Car Turntable
Sydney, Australia

Australian Turntables worked with home owner Michael to install a dual car garage turntable (double car turntable) into his home in Sydney, NSW.

Balmoral is an exclusive Sydney suburb, and the property demanded a development that added to the resale value of the dwelling, maximising his investment, for this the answer was a double car turntable.

Like many properties in the suburb, the client had a very steep driveway, which descended into the garage entrance. There was barely any room to manouevre a vehicle, which posed a number of obvious safety issues for the building occupants because it necessitated the use of risky reversing procedures.

Australian Turntables successfully installed a dual car garage turntable, which allowed users to turn their vehicles around easily without wasting space. This has added considerable value to the property, with parking spaces being at a premium in the area.