Attract attention to your feature vehicle. Enhance the experience for your customer. Create a desirable environment with movement, lighting and sound


Showrooms around the world choose Australian Turntables for our reliability. A car showroom needs reliable, silent operation from a quality supplier. Create a point of difference for your business with a memorable customer experience. Australian Turntables can help you drive your sales with options to attract maximum exposure. Simple yet effective, a turntable in your showroom will focus your customers attention where you want it

multi car displays

Australian Turntables has delivered projects to luxury brands across the globe. Supplied, installed and serviced; wherever you are located. Don’t limit your ideas, Australian Turntables can provide turntables for multi car displays. Support your team with a tool that makes the sale easier.

Enhance the customer experience

The customer experience is about connecting the buyer with the dealership through enjoyable theatre, and by using the showroom to heighten people’s emotions. Quality showroom presentations leave a memorable impression on the customer, increasing their experience of satisfaction.

Movement and lighting are wonderful tools, and turntables can create a point of difference, heightening brand awareness. The customer’s perception of the establishment is enhanced, and buyers can enjoy the model features from all angles in comfort. The platform can be used for new model reveals and customer hand overs, making for a memorable experience that combines prestige with a personal touch.

Our showroom turntables are noise and vibration free, having been manufactured and installed to exacting tolerances. They can be finished in high quality materials, integrating exciting new features and technology that enhance the customer experience.

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What our customers are saying

We work with industries requiring fine architectural detail to heavy industrial projects in destructive environments.

Australian Turntables are extremely passionate about customer service and quality assurance so the customer wants to continue to deal with them. There is no fuss and nothing is a problem if they need to be flexible on difficult site situations. Not only have the turntables increased efficiencies in our dock areas, they have assisted us in overcoming rigorous D.A. conditions and their company has wanted to partner with Coles to help solve ongoing logistical issues at store level.

Peter Mitchell

Senior Project Manager
Coles Supermarkets

I have now worked with Australian Turntables for over 3 years and I can say with confidence that the products that I have been supplied, installed and maintained have been of a superior standard. The following points do stand out for the product Australian Turntables do offer

Michael Cartisano

Senior Site Manager
Lendlease - Circular Quay Tower Sydney

From the outset, ATC showed great professionalism and resolve in addressing technical requirements for this unique, ambitious and innovative space, which has been recognized by more than 2 million visitors as one of the vital spaces of the museum since installation in 1999.

Craddock Morton

National Museum of Australia

On behalf of Bendigo Art Gallery I would like to personally thank Australian Turntable Company for your support of the exhibition Maticevski: Dark Wonderland.
It is a privilege to work with such passionate local companies, who, through their partnership with the gallery help to create world class exhibitions.

Karen Quinlan

Bendigo Art Gallery

My dealings with Australian Turntables have been without reproach. They have met all dates for submissions, have been very cooperative and responsive to client modifications and have met a very tight delivery schedule. Their documentation is first class, being a true 3D model of their turntable, which has assisted in visualising the product and accurate definition of associated builders work, a common source of problems with technical installations. Their dealings with us suggest they follow rigorous quality assurance procedures.
We believe The Australian Turntable Company is a professional, world class company fully qualified to provide a turntable for your project and we have no reservations in recommending them to you.

Tony Osborne

Project Manager
Mace International - Mall of the Emirates UAE

Australian Turntables are both friendly and consistent in their approach in providing a reliable and efficient service that is tailored to my needs as a builder and to the particulars of my projects. They are respectful and professional in their approach and understand the challenges of site, brief, budget, time and building and planning regulation as it applies to high end construction. I would happily continue to endorse Australian Turntables for any future project.

David Harri

DirectorTelgrit - Master Builders Sydney

Our clients

We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.