Emergency Services

Save space and improve safety on restricted sites, perfect for
Hospitals, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Police Vehicles, Court Vehicles

Where seconds matter

Australian Turntables can improve the efficiency of your station house or parking location by eliminating the need for large yards to turn your vehicle around or prevent the need to reverse directly off the road.

seamless Integration

Safety and security is improved in security conscious delivery areas. Australian Turntables experience in supplying emergency services ensures that integration with your building system is seamless, secure and safe. Optimise your space and increase your development site options. Optimise your space while improving safety and response times. Eliminate reversing through public space.

What our customers are saying

We work with industries requiring fine architectural detail to heavy industrial projects in destructive environments.

Vic Police Turntable. 

Australian Turntables provided a highly professional service for the design, manufacture and installation of a turntable for a high security project in Melbourne’s CBD.

The team worked with us to help our team better understand the concept and thought process of what it takes to have a fully operational system. The system worked from day one which provides comfort to the builder that the product purchased is high-quality.

The Australian Turntables team also provided an engaging and detailed handover of the system, including a training session for the end user. 

I highly recommend Australian Turntables and would use them again if the opportunity presented itself.

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Charles Harris



Our clients

We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.