Car Turntable On a Gradient

Car Turntable on a Gradient
Longueville, Australia
Tim Alexander Architect
Murphy McCarthy & Associates

We here at Australian Turntables are commonly asked if it is possible to install a turntable on an incline.

The answer to that question is “yes”, and we have many years of experience installing turntables in less than ideal locations and we have the experience to install a car turntable on a gradient with no issues. Typically, most turntables are installed on a level surface, but we here at ATC are anything but typical – when required, we can go above and beyond.

One client in particular had a very challenging entry to the property, with a long steep driveway that was difficult for users to effectively navigate. Working closely with the client, we were able to design and install a driveway turntable that sat on a 1:12 incline, allowing the owners to enter, rotate and reverse into the garage for a simple exit.