Stand out in the crowd with the perfect parking solution for your design

Perfect Parking Solution

Each development project is designed with the needs of the end user in mind but solving space constraints can require out-of-the-box thinking. We understand that architects are constantly looking for strategic solutions to secure critical accessibility points for buildings and developments. That’s were the perfect parking solution comes in the form of a turntable.

Differentiating an architectural project is the challenge of every architect, even more so when you have a budget and timeline to respect. How can you stand out from the crowd while optimising the use of space and functionality of the place? Let’s talk about rotational systems we call turntables.

Add value to a property with a turntable

Adding value to a commercial or residential property, doesn’t necessarily have to do with the space available, but rather the functionality and accessibility of the space. While a garden or additional storage space may be attractive to tenants, a car turntable offers numerous benefits for any development that needs to maximise the use of available space. Turntables help facilitate traffic flow, allowing vehicles to enter and exit in a forward direction, saving time and simultaneously improving safety by eliminating potential hazards associated with blind spots.

Tackle potential space constraints in the design phase with a turntable

Whether a building requires additional parking spaces, or complying with local council and government regulations, we help you achieve the most out of your space. This can be done in the design phase where a turntable can be placed in a position to alleviate the need for difficult manoeuvring and reversing, and can be used by larger vehicles such as removalists and maintenance vehicles.

Our rotational platforms can also be of great service during the construction phase for use by heavy vehicles – meaning you can avoid delays and complete a project on, or ahead of time. The turntable can then be used as a permanent feature of the building, making life safer and easier for end users.

Car Turntables

Stand out or blend in with our custom finish options

We’re aware that looks and aesthetics still play a big part in designing and constructing a project that differentiates itself and stands out from the crowd, no matter what you’re developing. That’s why we offer custom finishes and materials for our products. We can help you stand out from the crowd, however, we also realise that you may want something that blends in within its current environment, and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. However, if your solution does covet a showpiece feature, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Safety is paramount

A prime consideration for every design we offer is safety, and we’re unashamedly concerned with how our turntables improve safety of both users and pedestrians alike. Using forward entry and exit makes it easier for the end users while optimising safety by eliminating blind spots and potential hazards and damage. For us, safety is paramount and that’s why we provide vehicle positioning and anti-collision systems to help reduce the risks associated with reversing and manoeuvring.

Reliable solutions that work with your needs

In this ever changing and fast-moving environment, we move with you and offer flexible custom options to keep your project moving. We also supply a range of sizes, from single car applications to multi-car turntables, allowing vehicles to rotate and park on the platform to maximise space saving. If your project requires additions, we can work with you to retrofit turntables to your exact specifications should you need an ad-hoc solution. We also offer maintenance and service to minimise any lost downtime.

Whatever you need, there’s a smart solution we can provide to any parking problem — from a tight driveway, to a battle-axe block, or large underground parking garages.

Car turntable

High quality products for long-lasting solutions

We’re not interested in one and done sales, but rather in working with you as a partner from design and planning through to implementation to give you the best possible solution and ROI for your project. We also ensure that we maintain the products to the highest standards in quality, to meet all relevant accreditations and safety standards for our products.

Speaking of ROI, our turntables have proven across a range of industries to improve productivity and safety, from mining to construction and loading docks. All turntables are designed to help you achieve and work within budget and time constraints for any kind of project.

A great example is the Pitt St Station site for the Sydney Metro City and Southwest project, Australian Turntables have supplied two relocatable turntables to tunneling contractor John Holland, CPB & Ghella.


Our rotational systems will also allow you to improve safety measures and give you a long-term solution to optimising space. 

We approach challenges and complex problems with innovative solutions that are built to turn the world around. We work to innovate and help you implement the best possible strategy and solution – let’s talk, we will help you make it better.