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Improving mobility and decreasing traffic congestion are some of the biggest challenges facing smart cities today.


One of the indicators of a cities liveability is the flow of traffic. Major construction sites can impact that flow, with traffic impacts due to entering and exiting sites. The safety aspect of reversing vehicles around pedestrians and cyclists is a major issue. Many cities around the world have changed to enforce Forward Entry & Forward Exit from construction sites, through construction traffic management plans. Australia Turntables can offer a turntable to assist you in meeting your requirements, this also creates efficiencies in your project and improved safety.

Pedestrian and Cyclists

Disruption in the form of traffic delays on adjacent roads can be reduced from 80% to 8% by eliminating truck reversing and vehicle speed reduction can be reduced from 14% to just 3%. Noise pollution from reversing vehicles can be eliminated, improving residential amenities. Council waste vehicles can collect on site safely and efficiently. Reduce kerbside collection and collect waste more easily, safely and efficiently within building development.