Construction Solutions

Australian Turntables are suitable for all types of construction, specialising in Demolition, Excavation, Concrete Pouring and Access to difficult sites.

eliminate reversing maneuvers

Reduce risk to your employees and subcontractors by eliminating reversing maneuvers. The growing number of local government councils and road authorities enforcing forward entry and exit to a construction site is best satisfied with a temporary turntable. One truck, two trucks or more can park and rotate for maximum efficiency


When demolishing a building, site access is often limited, a turntable is able to provide an access point for the demolition equipment to maneuver around the site.


The clearing of a site can often take months. The excavation of this material takes a co-ordinated approach with excavators and spoil drivers. Our Turntables are proven to improve efficiencies of getting vehicles on and off the site in a safer manner, including compliant to council regulations.

Concrete Pouring

When laying the foundation for your construction project, we can implement a truck turntable to keep the flow of concrete to where you need it. On a recent 57 storey high rise project our Turntable was attributed to saving 10% of the construction cost and shaved months off the total project time.

Simplify your traffic management

Australian turntables have units available at any diameter to meet your specific needs. Simplify your traffic management and construction management plans to assist your application while also improving public safety and reducing congestion impact to city traffic.

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Relocatable Turntables (Hiring)

Create efficiencies on your current project or next project. For most large projects using a turntable will save your total project costs.

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We are the industry experts in rotating mechanisms, and we will design, engineer, manufacture and install your turntable to suit.