Precision Showroom Turntables for Rolls Royce and BMW

Precision Showroom Turntables
Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emarites
Architect Diar Consult
Builder Bin Harmal Contractors and Irrigation Est.
Date 2011

One of the most prestigious clients it has been our pleasure to deal with is the owners of the Rolls Royce and BMW dealership in Abu Dhabi.

We were honoured that this luxury brand decided to call us when they were building the world’s largest car showroom. The brief? They wanted a number of large precision showroom turntables, creating maximum “wow factor” and drawing their customers’ attention to the feature models. In keeping with their luxury brand, they needed high quality showroom turntables that operated without vibration or sound. Australian Turntables’ reputation has been built over many years of experience in the region, which gave them the reassurance that we could provide the quality and reliability they expected.