World’s Largest Revolving Restaurant

World's Largest Turntable
Tehran, Iran
Mohammad Reza Hafezi
Boland Payeh

In July 2008 Australian Turntables engineered, designed, manufactured and installed the world’s largest turntable as a revolving restaurant at 50 metres diameter.

Some of the complexities included; installing a very large mechanical structure with very tight tolerances; engineering a vertical and radial support system which could withstand an earthquake measuring up to 6.5 on the richter scale, and rotate the turntable without vibration so that diners could not perceive the movement.

The product was made up of 51,000 component parts, shipped in 10 separate 40ft containers and installed within 2-3mm. As with all Australian Turntables’ revolving restaurants, during the commission stage we sat down with our clients and enjoyed a glass of water (no alcohol allowed in Iran) to see if any vibration could be perceived.