Azerbaijan Low Profile Truck Turntable on Suspended Slab

Low Profile Truck Turntable
Baku, Azerbaijan
Broadway Malyan
Mace International

Did you know that we can also service overseas projects? In this particular example we were able to supply one of our low profile turntables to a client in Azerbaijan.

No matter where you are, Australian Turntables can reduce the profile or setdown of any turntable range above and beyond our client’s wildest expectations. In this case we provided a low profile truck turntable overseas.

Australian Turntables offers our largest diameter truck turntable with a low profile of 250mm. These units meet Australian and International structural standards, which we apply to our engineering calculations.

This client had initially allowed for a turntable operated by air, due to the product setdown of 300mm. Australian Turntables was able to offer our standard low profile turntable with 250mm profile, reducing their setdown even further. This also saved them from using air compressors, which are expensive to purchase and operate.