Other brand repair for residential turntables

Residential turntable repair

The family had a turntable from a competitor installed in their home that began failing. The original provider failed to provide them with the support they needed, so the family contacted Australian Turntables to see if we could help.


1. We arrived at the home to inspect what was going wrong with their existing turntable.
2. With their permission, the family approved that we could use their predicament as a research and development project. By trying out a variety of options, we could use this particular case to be prepared for future other brand repair callouts.

While we repaired the family’s turntable, we were able to develop standard fixes for other brands repairs, including:

    • New support wheel approach
    • New drive assembly
    • A replacement control centre

As the turntable market has grown considerably over the past 10 years, we expect to increasingly fix competitors’ products. Whilst we continue with these kinds of projects, we are consistently building a solid reputation. We are known for being good at what we do. At Australian Turntables, we provide great support to our clients, whether or not they originally purchased from us. We show great customer service in various ways, directly and indirectly. When it comes down to it, our customers will always be our greatest asset.


The family called us in desperation, as the original turntable manufacturer was not providing them with any support. We were able to assess the issue and repair their turntable quickly and efficiently. Not only was the family happy that we were able to provide a solution, they can now also rest assured knowing that we are here to support them at any time.

By focusing on providing quality service to our clients, we have discovered that our competitors are severely lacking customer support. Projects like this one have helped us recognise a void in the market for the repair of existing turntables and have led us to build our capability to service other brands and deliver our magic to a wider audience. While fixing other companies’ turntables, we are increasing our knowledge and building our reputation for stellar assistance.

Client Testimonial

Australian Turntables visited our property. After inspection, they assessed the problems with our turntable and provided us with a comprehensive fixed price quotation for the repairs and replacements work, which they carried out in a most efficient, timely and tradesmen-like manner whilst coordinating site access visits and communicating work schedules.

Some weeks after the job was completed we experienced lengthy periods of heavy rainfall. At this time we found that our turntable did not function properly. We reported the problem to Australian Turntables and they were entirely cooperative. They researched and analyzed the issue and then provided the solution. They promptly returned to our property and made various adjustments, both electrical and mechanical to our turntable.

Our garage turntable now functions perfectly thanks to the skills and dedication of the team at Australian Turntables.

We are completely satisfied with our experience and can highly recommend Australian Turntables as being a company with integrity that not only has the requisite expertise and competence but also provides excellent customer service.