A Comprehensive Guide on Car Turntables

Are you interested in incorporating a turntable into your home design? Perhaps you are designing one for a client? Are you requesting quotes to compare possible alternatives?

If you are interested in knowing all the details of a car turntable, you are in the right place.

At Australian Turntables, we believe that to make an appropriate purchase you must first have all the information at hand. It is important to know the brands, prices, and processes before making a purchase that will become a long-term investment. Because if you’re looking for a turntable, you’re probably looking for one that will last you a lifetime.

We believe in the concept of “design with purpose”, meaning that each of our products is intended to suit specific requirements. We want to make sure each of our clients gets a design that perfectly matches their needs and desires. 

But, What is a Car Turntable?

Car turntables are a smart parking solution that allows you to optimise space and minimise risks, avoiding dangerous reversing maneuvers. Whether you lack parking facilities or live in a busy area, a car turntable allows you to park and exit spaces always in a forward direction.

A three-in-one solution: access and exit your spaces safely, optimise your space, and defy design challenges such as tight spaces. 

But this is not all you can achieve with a turntable. More than providing ease and security within your spaces, this is an element that will take your home to another level. The system will not only add value to your property, but will also be the perfect way to display your cars in an attractive way. More than practicality, it is about your own, unique and different style.

All these characteristics can be summarised in our brand’s three main pillars:

  • Safe Parking: Forget about risky reversing maneuvers.
  • Space Optimisation: Multiply your available space by facilitating your access to it.
  • Added Value: Increase your property value as you make your designs stand out from the crowd.
guide on car turntables

Car Turntable Specifications for Residential Use

If you are interested in acquiring or quoting a residential car turntable, we bring you a list of the most frequently asked questions related to the specifications of our designs. 

How many cars can a turntable fit?

Depending on its diameter and capacity, a turntable can fit up to two cars. 

What is the capacity of a car turntable?

The capacity of the turntable depends on the model, as they vary in diameter. For specifications, please see the table below:

guide on car turntables

As per weight capacity

Depending on the model at Australian Turntables we provide operating weight capacities that vary from 4000 Kg for the compact CTX with single car accommodation up to 8000 Kg for the CTX+ and its various diameter options as shown above.  Download here Tec specs for detailed information

*We can also custom engineered largest weight capacities according to your specifications.

How much room do I need to install a turntable?

It is recommended that you have a clearance zone around your turntable, this space is required as vehicles can have an overhang.  See product specifications for recommended space.

If adequate clearance is not available, then anti-collision sensors can be included. The laser beams will stop the turntable’s rotation in case of possible collision with the surrounding walls.

  • How does the automated controller operate?

The turntable is operated via a remote control.

  • Flooring and Finishing options?

There are many options for your turntable, with our standard Checker Plate using Galvanised Steel.  With our Paver Riser version, it allows you to customise your surface to a variety of options, Concrete, Pavers, Wood, etc…   

  • How about site preparation and civil work?

The site preparation is completed by the builder / contractor, we have suggested specifications for preparing the site, however as each site varies, we recommend getting an engineer to confirm the requirements. 

What extra safety features are available for Car Turntables?

Anti-collision system: A sensor system that will stop the rotation in case of a possible collision. This system can be designed and supplied in spaces or projects where there is a greater risk of collision during rotation, be it with people, walls, or other cars, to reduce risks. 

Emergency stop: An emergency stop system in case of danger due to possible collision or other risk situations.

What is the sustainability & environmental impact of a car turntable?

We are committed to the environment, which is why all of our designs include high-quality and long-lasting materials that are suitable for recycling at the end of their life span.

Types of Car Turntables

At Australian Turntables, we have designs that fit the different needs of our customers. Our car turntables can be used in different spaces and contexts, providing not only greater security but a special touch to your designs.

  • Garage and basement turntables: With the ability to accommodate two cars at a time, our garage and basement turntables allow you to enter and exit your property in a forward direction so that you can park in your garage without any risky or inconvenient reversing maneuvers. 
  • Driveway turntables:  Our team can meet all of your unique design or architectural requirements. We have a wide range of turntable models, to suit any size vehicle on the market. 
  • Display turntables: We design and install turntables for commercial purposes, such as displays. Our turntables allow you to attract attention to the featured vehicle, enhance the experience of end customers, and create a desirable environment with movement, lighting, and sound.
  • Photobooth turntables: We supply an automated system delivering maximum efficiency with the best quality. Our turntable will allow you to increase operational efficiency, process more cars per hour, improve the quality and consistency of your images, and increase sales with quality material. 

Meet the newest member of the team:

  • Spinsy On-surface

A surface mountable turntable that doesn’t require any type of civil work. The design adapts to multiple surfaces, offering the same benefits of a traditional turntable, more simply and efficiently in terms of installation.

Benefits of Spinsy On-surface: 

  • Easy installation on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Built to be exposed to the elements.
  • Suitable to be installed on an existing driveway.
  • No civil work required.
  • Easy to reallocate. 

If you are interested in acquiring Spinsy On-surface, require a quote, or have any further questions about the product, click here to visit our webpage.

How Long Does a Car Turntable Last?

guide on car turntables

At Australian Turntables, we ensure our products are designed and assembled with high-quality materials, guaranteeing their durability.

Our turntables are backed by our 2-year warranty on all moving parts and a 10-year warranty on the structures*. If you engage in an annual service, conducted by Australian Turntables Service Agent, the warranty on moving parts will be extended up to five years. The annual services can be included in your initial purchase to lock in current service rates.

We recommend a stainless steel upgrade for bearings, shafts, and fixings when the products are exposed to salty or corrosive environments.

*Subject to warranty terms and conditions.

How Much Does a Car Turntable Cost?

By now it should be clear that selecting and designing a car or residential turntable is not a cookie-cutter exercise. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a product with little durability or in need of repeated repairs with high costs.

The price of the turntable will depend on 

  1. Existing space & surface (we have installed seamless turntables systems on gradients)
  2. Use conditions
  3. Exposition to elements
  4. Safety features
  5. Custom finishing
  6. Tech additions: custom controllers, electric charging ports, etc.

If you have any questions, click here and request a technical advice call with our team of experts to discuss your requirements and find the right turntable.

Or, if interested, click here and use our turntable price calculator to determine a price range.

What Is the Best Vehicle Turntable for Me?

Our team is ready to help you define the design that better suits your needs. To choose a turntable, you must consider the designated space and use of the turntable, as well as the vehicles it will hold.

 All our products are designed and manufactured in Australia, using Australian steel, which has strict specifications to ensure structural integrity.  Our products are backed by a 2-year warranty on moving parts and 10-year on the structure.
Click here for more tips on how to select the right turntable for you.