Six Tips for Selecting a Car Turntable

A car turntable can optimise your current space, not only making life easier by saving time, but improving the safety for yourself and those around you.

We have six tips for selecting a car turntable, driveway turntable or garage turntable. Many councils and road authorities require that your new home or renovation project allow for vehicles to enter and exit the site in a forward direction.

This ruling is intended to reduce the amount of cars backing onto the road in order to improve safety, and to minimise disruptions to oncoming traffic. But for designers and homeowners this can be a headache: where are you going to find all that space without sacrificing the beauty and amenity of your property?

Traditionally your only option would be to include enough space on your block to turn your car, which reduces space in your yard and could even mean cut-backs in your house design.

In addition, reversing is not only less efficient and takes up a lot of time (and patience!), causing you delays; it can be dangerous when you consider busy streets, long driveways, and other potential hazards such as pedestrians and cyclists.

That’s why we developed our residential car turntable system. Australian Turntables now offers you a better solution: install a turntable within your driveway or basement and save that space for better things!

If you are considering optimising your land and including a garage or driveway turntable, then here are our six helpful tips to help you work out if a turntable will work for you:

  1. A 4.5 metre diameter turntable is appropriate for most cars on the road
  2. You must allow a clearance zone for the car can rotate in (an additional metre on the radius, or a 6.5 metre rotation zone applies).
  3. If you do not have 6.5 metres of space we can still accommodate you.
  4. Rotation zones less than 6 metres can use anti collision sensors. These are laser beams that enable the turntable to cease rotation.
  5. Whilst preferrable on flat areas we can install turntables on a single plane incline up to 1:10 gradient.
  6. The only power requirement is a supply of 240v 10amp. We convert the power within the control box to give you all the functions you need.

Installing a turntable is all about optimising your space, while increasing safety and saving time.


Custom finishes on residential turntables

Speaking of not disrupting the harmony and character of your residence with a garage turntable. You will also want to consider the finishes at this time and we can provide for almost any appearance you may desire. The standard model is finished in hot dipped galvanised chequer plate, but if you are looking for a higher aesthetic finish we can provide the support and formwork to allow for your requirements.

Our clients typically wish to have their turntable finished with the same material as the surrounding area, such as exposed agreggate, paving, tiles etc. We have also supplied turntables for projects that have been finished in timber, rubber, glass and acrylic. We even supplied a turntable for a client who finished it with the Lamborgini logo!

The options do not end there. You can also have rotating lighting on the platform or LED lighting mounted underneath the turntable, illuminating the gap. If you have your own creative ideas we would love to help you realise them. We hope this introductory guide has been useful, but we would always recommend giving us a call to discuss your project.

Let’s find the perfect solution for you!

Our turntables are not only designed to optimise space and create efficiencies but are focused on providing greater safety for our users by preventing accidents and high-risk situations often caused by reversing manoeuvres due to lack of visibility. Our tips for selecting a car turntable will help make the choice that will provide you with a forward entry and exit, which eliminates risky blind spots, preventing potential accidents and high-risk situations.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!