Turning a profit – increase the value of your design by installing a car turntable

Increase the value of your design

As property developments become more conscious of space, the challenges of designing a home that includes all the necessary amenities becomes significantly easier with a car turntable. 

Parking vehicles with limited space is already a challenge. Homeowners will often forgo a front garden or outdoor dining area in order to accommodate off-street parking. A car turntable provides a practical solution, so that homeowners can have a front lawn that won’t be damaged by parked cars while increasing the value and desirability of the property.

If you think that the only way to increase a property’s value is through home-staging, you might be missing something. Garage and driveway turntables can give your design the boost you were looking for. Here are some considerations to help you get your mind around it.

Solving space constraints

Adding parking space by installing a car turntable helps owners get the most out of their home with a solution that immediately upgrades and increases the value of their property.

Our turntables can be designed specifically for solving problems like space-restricted projects on busy roads or battle-ax blocks, thus giving potential buyers more available space for additional uses. This adds value by offering a property made with the latest technologies, returning high ROIs for owners.

A safe bet – for both people and vehicles

As a result of constantly looking for ways to improve things, we work closely together with architects to develop and implement strategic designs to secure accessibility points. 

With a turntable, you not only avoid the need to reverse and complete difficult manoeuvres, but also remove the need to park on the street, eliminating the possibility of your client’s car being hit or dented by passing vehicles.

We can also add optional anti-collision systems and automatic shut-off to make your turntable even safer. 

car turntable

Solutions that work for you

We love to embrace out-of-the-box thinking in creating the best possible solution so that you can see the ROI and homeowners can reap the benefits. 

In this ever-changing and fast-moving environment, we move with you and offer flexible options. If you have creative ideas, we would love to help you realise them and work with you to bring them to life. We are able to supply a range of sizes, from single-car applications to multi-car turntables. 

Solutions that work for your clients

Homeowners can choose from a range of finishes to best fit in with the current setting of the house, whether you would like it to blend in or to stand out. 

Parking Solutions

Many of our clients typically have their turntables finished with the same material as the surrounding area, such as exposed aggregate, paving, tiles, etc. We have also supplied turntables for projects that have been finished in timber, rubber, glass, and acrylic.

We will work with you to fit turntables to your exact specifications and give you the ability to customise the turntable with a range of different finishes to suit the design.

Highest quality that equals great design

The standard Australian Turntables model is finished in a hot-dipped galvanised checker plate. If you are looking for a higher aesthetic finish, we can provide the support and formwork you require. 

Our hot-dipped galvanised checker plates are made of galvanised steel that prevents rust and corrosion, protecting it from weather and making it suitable for outdoor use. This material is not only economical and lightweight but is also some of the highest quality steel that can be used for a turntable. 


At Australian Turntables, we’re interested in creating the best possible solution so that you can see the ROI and reap the benefits. We work to create designs to secure accessibility points to match the existing space, complete with the finish of your choice. We can design turnkey solutions that are customised to your specifications and best suit your vision.

If you want to turn heads, invest in something with a high ROI and increase the value of your design, look no further than a car turntable. 

Are you looking for more information and technical support? Let’s discuss the details of your project.