Improve safety, add property value and maximise space – the benefits of a car turntable explained

Benefits of a Car Turntable

If you’ve ever needed additional space and wanted to make an upgrade to your home to make life easier and increase the value of your property – you’ve found your match with a turntable and the benefits a car turntable can offer. 

Turntables remove the need to reverse in and out of driveways or complete difficult manoeuvres, as the car can be parked on the turntable, which then rotates 180 degrees, giving vehicles forward entry and exit.

In addition to making life easier, the benefits of a car turntable are in being a practical solution that adds value to your property by giving you additional space and functionality.  Here are 4 reasons why you should be considering a car turntable for your home:

    1) Park your parking problems

There’s no secret that parking cars take up a lot of valuable space, and these days, as most cities are getting denser and driveways are getting tighter, people are moving to car turntables to solve the problems involved in getting in and out of parking spaces. 

By turning cars in a forward direction, with a turntable, you can maximise the use of the available space and save yourself a lot of time and unnecessary stress by eliminating awkward reversing manoeuvres.

At Australian Turntables, we also provide anti-collision systems, so you don’t miss who or what is around you, preventing damage and potential injury.

    2) Keep off the grass

A lack of space can result in your vehicle having limited off-street parking options, meaning you or your guests may have to park on the street. This is not always a secure option, no matter where you reside, since another car may hit and dent your car.

A parking turntable also increases your available parking space, meaning you don’t have to ruin your lawn accommodating vehicles or park on the street. As residential car turntables can be installed in smaller spaces, such as garages or driveways, you also increase the value of your property and have a functional solution that provides improved vehicle security. 

    3) Make the most out of the available space

If you’re looking to make additions to your house, be it another room, storage space, or comply with building regulations, a car turntable can help provide room for other needs.  In some Australian states, you may need building permission and council approval to add a carport. However, this varies from council to council and it depends a lot on its size, as well as how far from the boundary it is and which materials are used. In some states, you are only allowed to build a carport designed for a single car. That’s where a turntable solves these issues by giving you flexibility with design. 

car turntable solutions

Whether you have a property with an underground or surface-level garage, or a carport, we will develop a garage turntable that meets your needs and specifications. If your garage space is restricted, we can create turntables for multiple cars, giving you peace of mind that your vehicles are safe and eliminating reversing hazards.

    4) Increase the value of your property 

According to the real estate website realestate.com.au, properties with parking facilities in inner-city Melbourne are generally sold for at least $50,000 more than properties without off-street parking. In Australia’s most populated city, Sydney, in May 2015, a parking spot in the inner-city suburb of Potts Point sold for a whopping $264,000.

By having parking or, better yet, space for more than one vehicle, you open up to a larger market in case you choose to resell, as many buyers are looking for properties with on-site parking.

    5) Attractive features and technology to match your own style

Car turntables can be designed and manufactured for indoor or outdoor use and include custom finish options to blend in or stand out as a feature.

 If you have limited space for multiple cars or simply want to optimise space, we can design a turntable to fit up to two vehicles with a design that suits your current environment. 

Here are some great examples to help you get started.

car turntable projects
car turntable projects
car turntable projects


The benefits of a car turntable include the increase the price and aesthetic of your property while reaping a number of benefits from space to safety. Whatever your needs, there’s a smart solution to any parking problem, from a narrow driveway to a tight garage.  Shift your perspective and turn things around. 

If you would like more information or to discuss how to increase the value of your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us.