Need more space? Try a turntable

Need more space? Try a turntable

At Australian Turntables, we work to make life easier by developing practical rotational solutions – simple systems that we call turntables. Our car-specific turntables are designed to help architects get the most out of their space. 

Both commercial and residential car turntables can benefit any development that needs to maximise the use of the available space, or help to facilitate traffic flow – after all life moves forward, not backwards. 

Create more space with a turntable

Put simply, a car turntable is a rotating platform designed for a vehicle to allow it to change the direction. As properties and developments become more condensed, the challenges of designing a space including all the necessities becomes easier with a turntable. 

Space can also influence a business’ operations; are you  looking for strategic solutions to help with both logistics and #productivity? 

Whether it is additional parking, space to include an additional townhouse or office.  Or are you looking to aid traffic flow and vehicle movement in a tight building or to comply with local council and government regulations, we help to get the most out of your space. 

How do we make this happen? 

We solve space issues by working with you to deliver solutions that embrace #innovation through engineering to create accessibility points, which can be critical to business operations. Starting from the ground up, we partner with architects and developers from the design phase to mapping out the total cost of the project, through to build and implementation.

Key benefits

  1. Our turntables are specifically designed for solving problems like space restricted projects on busy roads, multi-level premises or battle-axe blocks.
  2. Our turntables are designed and manufactured with the end users in mind, helping solve problems, with a comfortable, reliable and easy to use solution, whether that be for staff, residents, clients, or guests using the turntable.  We can help optimise your design to include extra room for multi-purpose uses.
  3. For us, safety is paramount and that’s why our turntables are designed and manufactured using international standards and high quality materials. This also means they comply with local government councils enforcing safer vehicle movements.  Our products feature the latest in safety standards, including options to provide vehicle positioning,  anti-collision systems, perimeter zones, sensors and lights to help you reduce the risks associated with reversing.

Give your clients the gift of space

Whatever you need, there’s a smart solution We also supply turntables for a range of sizes, from small car applications to multi-car turntables, allowing vehicles to rotate and park on the platform to maximise space saving. So go ahead, give yourself the gift of space by turning things around.