Imagine it better – why a turntable is your solution to a safe loading dock

Safe Loading Dock

Warehouses and distribution centres deal with a lot of vehicle movements on a daily basis. These spaces require a safe loading dock and are often designed without dedicated places to stop, park, or even turn around. 

Reversing and needing to perform challenging manoeuvres on site is not only less efficient, causing delays and loss of time, it can also be fraught with danger. (Read: How to optimise your loading dock with a turntable)

A loading dock turntable system improves visibility for drivers and a clear frontal view of the entire space, so they don’t miss what or who is around them.

Read through to learn how to make the day-to-day running of your business clever and safe:

Protect your most valued asset

With your employees working and trucks moving in and out of the area, safety is the highest priority. Turntables put your mind at ease by eliminating blind spots for drivers and by simplifying the movement in restricted areas like loading docks. This vastly improves driver vision and drastically reduces the prospect of accidents.

By embracing a technology such as a turntable, you simplify the path design and accessibility points so that drivers can be turned around in tight spaces.  This removes potential on-site hazards and eliminates dangerous crushes and pinch points.

Australian Turntables safety add-ons 

At Australian Turntables, we pride ourselves on delivering products that are met with the highest safety standards. We work creatively with customers to design, develop, and implement customised rotational solutions that improve your business.

  • Anti-collision systems and automatic shut-off: to make sure vehicles are positioned correctly and stop the turntable when a person enters the loading dock.
  • Post-installation service and maintenance: to make sure your turntable is running smoothly, ensuring your production levels are up to speed.
  • In-house engineering and fabrication: delivering the highest quality products that are tested to rigorous safety and production standards

This way you can make life easier for the end-user, managing potential risks and complying with all OH & S protocols.

Truck turntables

Safety and efficiency go hand-in-hand

A key feature of installing a turntable is being able to optimise the available space. Due to the reduced turning space required for vehicle movements, you can eliminate unnecessary dead space in loading docks that is normally needed for multiple-point turns.

By simplifying the path design, you can also eliminate the need for a complete flow-through traffic management system – saving you both time and money. 

Additionally, clearance zones can decrease to a minimum with a turntable, which often means the loading dock area can be reduced by half, giving you more room to work. This eliminates lengthy time delays in loading and unloading, increasing productivity.

Allowing you to focus on running your operations

Loading dock turntables focus on making your business as efficient as possible, so you can drive ahead with profits and keep your staff safe. 

At Australian Turntables, we embrace out-of-the-box thinking and have a “less is more” philosophy – allowing you to do more with less, aiding in time constraints, space constraints, and solving complex problems with practical solutions. 


Whatever your needs may be, we’ll prioritise your safety. Let’s work together and turn things around for the better.