Create more space, increase productivity and revenue – how to optimise your Loading Dock with a turntable

Optimise your Loading Dock

The loading and unloading process in your warehouse can sometimes be a nightmare, and can directly result in a loss of productivity, efficiency, and profits. 

Finding options to improve loading and unloading and correctly positioning a truck can be complex when you consider time and manoeuvres the driver must make to avoid potential hazards. That’s where Australian Turntables come in to help you optimise your Loading Dock. 

Keep things moving forward

We’re a company characterised by innovative thinking, having designed a rotational system we call turntables, where the driver enters and exits in a forward direction, eliminating the need for reversing.

The turntable finds the best position which helps speed up loading and unloading. 

A turntable provides an efficient solution for our customers, allowing larger trucks to be loaded and unloaded efficiently and maximising their space. 

This reduces the required space for these loading zones, adding additional space to the building’s purpose. We do this by looking for every opportunity to reduce the space required for truck movements. 

This provides extra room for services, parking spaces, additional storage, office, retail or back of house space, or to help meet local government requirements. 

We work with a range of industries and developments from business and warehouse solutions to everyday retail, helping improve productivity and use of space.

Loading docks turntables

Moving up to two trucks at the same time!

With Loading Dock Turntables, you can also move up to two heavy vehicles or trucks at the same time, essentially halving the time it takes to complete the loading or unloading process. 

We supply turntables at any diameter that can accommodate hundreds of tonnes or multiple vehicles. This means you can be creative in design and to achieve the optimal benefit for your project. 

You’ll immediately notice that traffic flow is much improved with a turntable as it eliminates the need to reverse into traffic or having a space to turn trucks around outside the loading docks. 

We also see safety as paramount and work to minimise the potential risk of accidents that can be caused by reversing  –  keeping workers safe and avoiding potential damage to property. 

Reduce wait times and delays

Waiting for a truck to finish unloading before you can start with the next one is time consuming and costly – After all, time is money. Using a turntable reduces wait times and avoids any potential delays or in waiting for large vehicle maneuvering. This helps alleviate the pressures of meeting deadlines and budgets, while increasing your revenue opportunities. Check out  how we do it better

We work with you

At Australian Turntables, we work with you from the concept design stage all the way through, supporting your team in design, engineering, safety, standards, specifications and construction. Our rotational turntable systems give you a high ROI with their ability to eliminate blind spots and hazards, increasing efficiency and improving safety. 

We’ve helped hundreds of projects across the globe design loading dock turntables that work efficiently and safely while generating extra revenue opportunities for the development. 

We can also customise your turntable to the finish and materials you want for your development, whether you need something that stands out from the crowd or co-exists with the current surroundings, we work with you to make it happen. 

Loading docks

All of our products comply with the most rigorous safety standards, and we use the highest quality materials combined with expert engineering and design. What is delivered is the turntable system that works best for your project, so you have time for what really matters.


So if you need more space, want efficient production levels, and to improve safety measures while continuing to drive in more revenue, let’s get started and help you turn things around.  

Improving productivity and reducing the space needed to move trucks are just some of the benefits you will see by installing a turntable. 

If you want to know more, or for more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.