Redefining efficiency – what is a turntable worth to a builder?

Turntable Worth

Here at Australian Turntables, we offer support and expertise to help improve productivity and efficiency during the build phase of any development. Our relocatable turntables significantly reduce wait times, delays, and queuing of heavy vehicles, helping any project save time and gain improved efficiency with loading and unloading, while also optimising the use of available space on any site.

Flexibility in Approach

With our relocatable turntable system, you can approach any project with more flexibility. In addition to benefiting from faster, more efficient loading and unloading, heavy vehicles are able to reduce turnaround times and the number of trips and vehicles required. When it comes to managing a project, a turntable on site allows you to effectively manage staffing requirements with ease. Turntables improve site traffic flow management and enhance safety measures, meaning you’ll be able to redeploy staff to other areas or sites, and provide quicker turnaround times for your clients.

A turntable gives you flexibility, reducing costs and keeping projects on time and within budget.

Productivity Through the Roof

As worksites become smaller and more condensed, particularly in metro locations, our rotational turntable systems help the construction industry achieve the most efficient production processes. Reducing traffic and the need to assist and guide drivers, as trucks can manoeuvre in tight spaces without compromising the available worksite space.

By reducing queuing and time delays, you also improve your logistical operations and project times.

Reduce Costs

We work together in solving space issues, aiding with design decision-making, and mapping out the total cost of the project, which can lead to delays due to infrastructure management. A turntable projects up to an 86% increase in truck cycle time completions, with many projects being completed within or below the allocated budget.

On a typical site, loading and unloading can require costly layouts to accommodate the job requirements and available space. However, if a turntable is factored into the budget of a project, you can eliminate the need for transfer beams and materials and decrease the costs. Optimising space creates more efficient loading and unloading and increases productivity – all designed to save you both time and money.

A turntable can help drive revenue and profit in several ways. By increasing the loading capacity and decreasing any potential time delays, you can achieve more in less time. This is particularly useful when dealing with tight timelines and busy periods. With quicker loading and unloading times, heavy vehicles can also reduce their fuel consumption due to low-speed maneuvering being eliminated.


As any construction site considers safety a priority, our systems take out the guesswork.

We design our rotational platforms with safety in mind, complying with the highest standards and regulations. In the early stages, we work with you to provide all the site-specific safety assessments and offer optional extras to help increase safety.

We can install anti-collision systems to make sure vehicles in your loading dock are positioned correctly and stop the turntable if a worker enters the loading dock, keeping everyone safe and preventing property damage. Another reason a builder needs a turntable!


We understand how important it is for you to be productive and provide safety for your crew, which is why we care about helping you complete projects within time and budget, reducing some of the stresses of the build phase. Get in touch, let’s work together and find that smart turntable solution that will turn things around.