Use that extra space for what you always wanted (the perks of having a turntable)

Turntable Perks

Extra space is something almost every single homeowner pines for and something that never goes out of trend. In cities, in particular, it’s a valuable asset that homeowners can never have enough of. If you’ve ever needed additional space and wanted to make an upgrade to your home to make life easier and increase the value of your property – you’ve found your match with a residential car turntable

Need Extra space? The choice is yours

If you have multiple cars, a cramped garage, or a driveway that’s tight and narrow, limiting your off-street parking options so you or your guests may have to park on the street, leaving the car exposed to damage. We have the solution!

Imagine creating more space for a home office, home gym, an art or recording studio, or additional storage. A turntable can create that space you’ve dreamed of. At Australian Turntables, we design our residential turntables to give you more freedom with an easy solution for getting in and out of your driveway. 

Say goodbye to tight manourvres

Often, properties are designed with inadequate turning space in front of the garage, creating a less accessible space that requires reversing – and let’s be honest, there is nothing quite as frustrating as parking a car in a garage with a narrow driveway, or small garage space, and needing to make crazy difficult maneuvers just to park the vehicles correctly, or exit. 

If this situation describes how you feel, a turntable can solve your problems and ease those parking problems. A properly installed turntable is a space-saving solution, allowing you to park one car, rotate the turntable, and park the next one. 

More room = increased property value

When it comes to city living, space can be at a premium. Any additional square meter of space that you can put on your property can lead to better returns on investment. Whether it is a dream home or an investment property, the benefits of a residential turntable will not go unnoticed. 

By having ample parking space or, better yet, room for more than one vehicle, you open up to a larger market, increasing the value and desirability of the property, with many buyers searching for properties with on-site parking.

Adding effortless entry and exit points shows modern style with practicality. After all, who doesn’t want to move into a property with modern features that make life easier?

You can also opt to customise the turntable to fit in with the surrounding environment or design of the property or make it a real showpiece highlight by standing out. 

Perk – Save Time

A huge perk of a car turntable is that it can save a lot of stress and time in everyday life. Think about how many minutes you spend each day trying to maneuver your way out of the garage. 5 minutes? 10 minutes? These minutes can easily add up to hours – time you could have spent on what really matters. 

With a turntable, you no longer have to reverse out of the garage into traffic on a busy road, avoiding any potential hazard and feel confident in driving out as safely as possible. 

A safe bet – for both people and vehicles

At Australian Turntables, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve, develop and implement strategic designs to secure accessibility points, making them as safe as possible. 

We can also help you take safety one step further with optional anti-collision systems and automatic shut-off to make your turntable even safer. 

The clear advantages

Our turntables offer several benefits. From optimising and creating more space to adding value to your property and improving safety. In more condensed city areas, space shortage and planning restrictions mean building a larger driveway is not an option. 

That’s where our turntables can be used in the following areas to great success:

– For limited and narrow access

– In residential and commercial buildings, office buildings, or garages for single or multi-family houses

– Can be used in the front garden or courtyard as an open-air parking system without a garage

– As a space-saving parking aid 


Enjoy the perks

At Australian Turntables, we focus on creating the best possible solution so that you can enjoy the benefits, making your everyday life easier. We create designs to secure accessibility points to match the existing space, customised to your needs.

If you want to turn heads, invest in something to make life easier, and save time while increasing the value of your design, look no further than a car turntable.