100 Tonne Capacity Mining Turntable
Location: Pilbara, Australia

Rio Tinto’s engineers Calibre Global engaged ATC to design, engineer and manufacture a 6 metre diameter, 100 tonne capacity turntable project for a mine site in the Pilbara.

World's Largest Turntable: 50 Metre Revolving Restaurant
Location: Tehran, Iran

In July 2008 Australian Turntables engineered, designed, manufactured and installed the world's largest revolving restaurant at 50 metres diameter.

Precision Showroom Turntables for Rolls Royce and BMW
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emarites

One of the most prestigious clients it has been our pleasure to deal with is the owners of the Rolls Royce and BMW dealership in Abu Dhabi.

Azerbaijan Low Profile Truck Turntable on Suspended Slab
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Did you know that we can also service overseas projects? In this particular example we were able to supply one of our low profile turntables to a client in Azerbaijan.

86% Increase in Truck Cycle Time with Relocatable Construction Turntable
Location: Sydney, Australia

If you could double the amount of demo, excavation or concrete trucks safely and easily entering your site per day would this be good for your project outcomes?

Coles Reduces Loading Dock and Garbage Collection Space with Turntable
Location: Brighton, Australia

We were approached by the Coles supermarket group to make improvements to their Brighton store, in order to facilitate the flow of heavy vehicular traffic in and out of their busy loading dock.

Light Truck Turntable Improves Loading Dock in CBD Retail
Location: Sydney, Australia

Developments that only have the room to accept small rigid vehicles - or have minimal delivery or garbage collection requirements - will be able to optimise their space with our light truck turntables.

More Car Spaces With a Parking Turntable
Location: St Kilda, Australia

Anyone who lives in a busy city or one of the surrounding suburbs knows what a challenge parking can be.

Car Turntable On a Gradient
Location: Longueville, Australia

We here at Australian Turntables are commonly asked if it is possible to install a turntable on an incline.

Double Car Turntable
Location: Sydney, Australia

Australian Turntables worked with home owner Michael to install a dual car garage turntable into his home in Sydney, NSW.

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