Innovative solutions for parking design: How a turntable can switch your perspective

Parking Design

Busy roads, precarious space for residential developments and lack of parking facilities are all part of the “progress dilemma”,  anyone living in  a busy city or surrounding suburb faces today. And, are in consequence some of your biggest worries when putting together initial concepts and designs for any new residential or commercial project. Find the solution for your parking design with a turntable.

After all, architects stand out by their ability to find innovative solutions that work harmoniously within their designs and extend the limits of what is possible, creating a better quality of life for their customers.

The parking design dilemma

Whether it is for new residential development, home renovations and even commercial spaces design, optimal parking design can make the difference not only to allow for more space for purposeful use, but to increase the value and appeal for the end-user.

From smart technologies, to complex vertical designs or just eliminating parking space from the scope (or the common off-street parking solution); architects have been coming up with creative ways to solve the dilemma.

Yet…All of these are based on keeping things the same way, they might save time and money, but in essence you are still doing things the hard way: sacrificing vital space to allow for car maneuvers. 

You are still turning a blind eye on the most simple of decisions: If things are too complicated, just turn around and you’ll find a solution, a better way.

Car Turntables a simple yet powerful solution

At Australian Turntables we have made our mission to help you allow for more time and space for the things that matter, by using the simplest of ideas: we turn things around.

Rotational Platforms are a common solution in industrial environments where space is limited and time literally means money.  

A Car Turntable applies the principles of efficiency and safety of these with the convenience of custom design and finishes to match your ideas. Here’s how they work.

Good design is a smart investment

How willing are you to compromise your concept for an awkward parking space? 

Great architectural projects have one thing in common: They are challenging the norm to create responsible, sustainable and practical spaces that help residents and users overcome modern life dilemmas.

Adding value to a design it’s all about making people’s lives easier, so there is a huge loss of opportunity when debating between adding an extra room/entertainment area and a garage. You should be able to achieve both without compromises. 

Parking in a gradient, a shared drive away or to fit your client’s collection. You pick the challenge, the turntable will show the way.

Car turntables
Car turntables

Assure compliance using better parking systems

Lives move forward and so does a car when entering and exiting any parking space. At least that’s what our common sense dictates and many councils and road authorities will demand.

In case that usage, look and design are not enough to start considering a car turntable in your designs, how about the safety and traffic flow in our busy cities?

Here are a few statements to consider when designing a parking system for your clients:

  1. Accidents involving reversing cars most commonly occur in residential driveways*
  2. Poor visibility and miscalculating are large contributing factors to collisions that occur while reversing*
  3. All cars have blind spots and new technology such as reversing cameras and motion detection may not be enough to cover them**
  4. In recent years the problem of young children being struck by reversing motor vehicles has come to attention. Many of these accidents occur on private property
  5. According to the hierarchy of control, the best strategy to reduce a risk is to eliminate the risk factor, in this case: Reversing.

*According to studies made by the Australian Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BIFRE).

**Depending on the width of the camera angle and the sensitivity setting on a motion detection system.

Making your designs both outstanding, safe and compliant, it’s possible. Find out more about car turntables here.

Specify a turntable, we will make it easier for you.

Visit our architects and builders area where you can find technical support to benefit your project. From Autocad files to revit families and technical specifications available for download. 

Australian Turntables a company and product you can trust

Our team at Australian Turntables knows that projects like these can be daunting and stressful. That’s why we work to inspire your trust by creating the most practical and straightforward solutions possible.