Get to know – Essential features of loading docks

Essential features of loading docks

Commercial businesses are continually looking at ways to innovate and create a functional loading space, and heavy vehicle turntables are at the forefront. With a focus on saving and optimising space, while improving worker safety and productivity, businesses embrace solutions that save both time and money.

All this is designed to make the flow of your business faster and easier and reduce the cost per pallet by allowing the largest trucks possible into your development. 

Importance of a well designed loading dock

A reliable and well-functioning loading dock allows your business to run like a well-oiled machine, making logistics, staffing, stock rotation, and your controllable supply chain smoother. A well-designed and constructed loading dock ensures the safest and fastest flow (both incoming and outgoing) of materials and goods. 

Of course, moving goods from a warehouse to their destination is a critical step toward having successful supply chain management. The facility where the goods pass through needs to be properly structured with a proper system and protocols on how it functions. 

Embracing new technology in tools

As technological innovation makes its mark on the transportation and logistics side of businesses, it’s clear that shipping, logistics companies, and end-users benefit significantly from a faster, more efficient delivery process.  Loading docks play an essential role in the creation and reinforcement of technologies designed to improve the shipping and logistics process. 

The advantages of having a turntable in the loading dock are significant, having a positive impact on improving efficiency and the safety measures of all workers and drivers. Let’s take a quick look and compare the benefits of having a loading dock turntable. 

Advantages of a turntable

While there are several benefits to having a turntable, let’s take a look at a quick comparison of the advantages of a turntable in your loading dock area.

Docks without a turntable 

  • Traffic
  • Delays and inefficiency 
  • Maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Trucks queuing 
  • More staff required
  • Safety concerns heightened
  • Eliminate noise pollution from reversing beepers

Benefits of a dock with a turntable 

  • Eliminate reversing and difficult maneuvering in tight spaces
  • Reduce risks and hazards
  • Improve efficiency and productivity 
  • Less staff required in traffic management 
  • Adhere to the highest safety standards
  • Custom bespoke solutions are possible – customised and catered to your needs

At Australian Turntables, we’ve worked with several companies, both local and national, such as Coles Group, ALDI, Woolworths, IGA Multiplex, and Lendlease, to deliver heavy vehicle loading dock turntables. 

Alan Mhanna, Design Development Manager of Coles Group across ACT/NSW, had this to say, “Dealing with Australian Turntables taught me that the product is more than just a turntable, but rather it is a whole package of durability, craftsmanship, and details.” While Shane Bleyer, Site Engineer at Lendlease, was impressed with the turntable, “The turntables provided a much-needed solution by helping facilitate garbage and removalist trucks in limited space where three-point turns weren’t impossible. They also made life easier and safer for workers and residents alike.”

As you can see, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to turntables! With clear benefits and happy businesses, we’re excited to continue to move forward and provide solutions.


​​We work alongside architects to discuss planning and assess the long-term suitability of loading dock turntables. We’ll help you create a design that reduces time delays and increases productivity, meeting safety standards and government regulations.

By looking for every opportunity to reduce the space required, you can achieve more with less.