Functionally versatile – 5 trends in architecture for 2022

Trends in Architecture

As life evolves with the increasing adaptation of new technologies, architecture is seeing  innovation and accelerated growth in designs that embrace functional solutions and make life easier. Whether you’re looking to design a more versatile space and optimise its use or make things more efficient, technology is now prominent in most aspects of our daily lives, including running our homes. So let’s take a look, shift perspective and check out 5 of the latest trends in architecture and see just what your home can be. 

   1. Dynamic Technology is Making Homes Smarter

Now more than ever, we try to create spaces in our homes that feel personal, calming and functional – adding to creature comforts we’re accustomed to. Modern designs are embracing homes as a retreat from everyday life, with new and outside-the-box constructions replacing the traditional “cookie cutter” approach. 

Smart devices and furniture – pieces with integrated technology – are designed with functionality in mind. Examples such as tables that house speakers, remote controlled shelving and compartments that can store a television when not in use, can be integrated into the wall or roof. A custom car turntable fits this model, integrating functionality that blends in with your current design. This brings home living into the future and distinguishes between a trend and an item that truly transforms how we live.

But, what is a Smart Home?

A smart home is where a network of connected devices can aid in controlling things like temperature, lighting, security and entertainment, all controlled in concert and operated by a phone or remote control. Ultimately, it is an effective strategy to build a complete ecosystem of smart solutions through networked devices. The challenge is to keep these devices and technologies not only sustainable but energy efficient as we transition to a net zero carbon future and aim to reduce our carbon footprint, but also to comply with data and privacy protection regulations. 

   2. Open and multipurpose spaces 

Traditionally, rooms and spaces were solely designed for a single use – think living room or dining room – could be a thing of the past as we look to optimise what space we have, and in some instances, downsize. Rather than building extensions or looking for huge multi-level houses (or “McMansions”), we can have all we need by using technology to turn one room into the next in a matter of minutes, depending on the purpose and needs we have. 

   3. Less is more – Embrace some minimalism 

Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean living with less or having close to nothing in your home, it’s about having what you need without excess and enhancing the livability of your space. 

Architectural minimalism shows a commitment to simple forms with modern materials. This can include using quality materials to ensure thermal and acoustic insulation. An added benefit of the minimalism approach is that often it results in savings and has environmental benefits, as you’re limiting the need for additional materials. Our car turntables can be installed with a range of materials that adds in perfectly with a minimalist design, allowing you to optimise space in your home. Our custom options can be installed in a way that seamlessly blends in with your current environment, not to mention providing an extremely functional and valuable addition to the property. 

Car tiurntable design 2

   4. Carchitecture 

Carchitecture, or car-architecture simply means adding your prized possession – your vehicle – to complement the existing design of your property. Architecture and cars is a fascinating union, proclaimed as “houses with horsepower”, the term carchitecture refers to creating an installation or space for your vehicle where it’s no longer confined to the outside carport, driveway or garage. While this doesn’t exclusively refer to having your car or cars placed inside your home, it’s become a common feature. And when we’re talking about classic cars and collector cars, such as those offered by the likes of Australian Muscle Cars, it certainly takes a new meaning to the term to retro design or vintage styling. 

In essence this is displaying a vehicle much like a feature piece of artwork. With the right lighting, a vehicle becomes art and increasingly is something that car collectors want to celebrate, by creating a space that offers the practicality of a garage with the aesthetics of a high-end gallery. 

   5. Versatility and functionality 

When architects set out to design and develop a property, in addition to the regular considerations of budget, time, structure, existing environment and zoning regulations they will also consider purpose and function. Making your home feel larger and optimising the space you have can be done by not only altering the interior features, but by focusing on how the place is designed and making subtle, yet effective changes to the overall layout. 


The trends in architecture dictate that we are now in full swing of the future of architecture, where smart homes will run almost autonomously. Embracing a flexible and versatile design will also provide a more peaceful habitation, giving you your own sanctuary. If you’re looking to add more functionality to your home and would like to discuss the option of a custom car turntable, don’t hesitate to get in touch.