All in the details – Simple ways a turntable benefits architects

Ways Turntables Benefits Architects

Turntables can assist virtually any development, allowing users to take advantage of an increased amount of usable space. As architects know, a few of the key features when planning a site are property boundaries and levels, parking, driveways, and accessibility. After all, a design is about being able to optimise your space, and that’s where turntables come in.

Optimise Space

Our rotating platforms optimise space and create greater efficiencies, providing a highly functional design while reducing potential risks and hazards. It also adds to the aesthetics of landscaped areas, which can be key to preserving the surrounding ecosystem, and overall layout of the building.

A Safe Choice

Safety is our priority, and that’s why our turntables comply with the highest standards and regulations. In the early stages of site and development planning, we work with you to provide all the site-specific safety assessments. Whether it’s for an entirely new development or an addition to an existing building, we consider easements, lay-down areas, and construction limits. And, of course, we work with you to understand the end-user to provide you with the utmost safety measures.

We also offer several extra options to help increase safety. This includes exclusion zones and anti-collision systems to make sure vehicles are positioned correctly and can install automatic cut-offs to stop the turntable if someone enters the turntable area, keeping everyone safe and preventing property damage. We work with you to make builds easier simply by turning things around.


Thinking smarter about a way of providing necessary amenities

As construction spaces become more challenging, architects need to be more aware of using space, in a smart way. In addition, local government councils are enforcing safer vehicle movements. Which is why our turntables are a key ally in the implementation of new developments, solving problems like space-restricted projects on busy roads or ‘battle-ax’ blocks and long driveways.


At Australian Turntables, we embrace out-of-the-box thinking and have a “less is more” philosophy, allowing you to do more with less, aiding in time constraints, space restrictions, and solving complex problems with practical solutions.

A turntable benefits an architect by:

  • Making life easier by optimising the available space.
  • Offering solutions that secure accessibility points.
  • Providing an enhanced level of safety by adhering to rigorous standards and offering optional safety extras.


Let’s work together – get in touch with us for further information on our turntables. At Australian Turntables, we engineer solutions to help make life easier by turning things around.