Car Turntables

Australian Turntables' residential turntables benefit any development where there is a need to maximise the use of available space, or to facilitate traffic flow when vehicles are required to enter and exit in a forward direction.

We can supply a range of sizes, from single car applications to multiple car turntables, where vehicles are able to rotate and park on the platform for maximum space saving.

Australian Turntables can work with you to finish the turntable in any material you choose, and we are also able to integrate features that meet your specific requirements. Safety is always paramount, and Australian Turntables provides vehicle positioning and anti collision systems to reduce the risk of collision with people or property.

Our turntables can be installed on inclines, up to a ratio of 1:12.

Our car turntables have a number of benefits in addition to creating space for additional rooms, apartments, townhouses or car parking.

They help ensure that vehicles enter and exit in a forward direction – meeting municipal requirements – and they simplify vehicle movements so that the end user can access car parks and driveways more easily.

What all of this ultimately means is that driver vision and safety are markedly improved, reducing the incidence of accidents with people and property.

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